Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Finance a bike through I-ME Gear Bicycle Finance?

Any business or business owner, as well as, any individual over 18 years with employment of at least 12 months.

From which bike shop can I buy my bike financed by I-ME?

I-ME has a lot of approved dealers on the books where we know you will get the best service, BUT we will finance your bike from any dealer.

Can I finance a second hand bike?

Unfortunately not, we only finance new bikes.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

NO, I-ME does not require you to pay a deposit, But if you elect to pay one we will accept it.

Over what term can I finance my bike through I-ME?

Over 12 or 24 months.

Does my premium stay the same for the term or are there any escalations?

There are no escalations and your premium stays the same for the duration of the contract.